Kiona Gallup


Kiona Gallup has practiced family law with passion and integrity since 2017. She is motivated by helping people and making a difference, traits that have become key to her successes.  


               “Family law means so much and has an impact that lasts generations.”


Prior to joining Gilson-Moreau & Associates in 2023, she founded Community Advocates Northwest, a family law firm dedicated to social justice and providing fair representation to all segments of the community, in all aspects of family law, with an emphasis on cases involving the intersect of domestic violence and mental health.   


In 2022, Kiona joined the King County Superior Court as commissioner pro tem (a part-time judicial officer) hearing cases on the Civil Protection Order and Family Law Motions dockets.  


“Serving on the bench has expanded my knowledge and experience in the courtroom, which is an additional perspective I bring when presenting a client’s case.”


A graduate of the Seattle University School of Law, and life-long resident of Western Washington, Kiona and her family currently reside in the eastside of King County. Kiona enjoys camping and the outdoors, music and spending time with her family.