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Child and spousal support is often awarded to a spouse at the end of the divorce process. Whether a judge issued orders after a full trial; you filed for divorce in court but settled out of court; or a judge signed off on your mediated agreement, what was agreed to should and can be enforced. One of the most frustrating issues post-divorce is when your former spouse fails to abide by support orders, essentially depriving you of money you need to live.

At the law office of Gilson-Moreau & Associates, P.S., our Washington enforcement of orders lawyers have been helping individuals receive the funds they need for more than 20 years. We are ready to listen to your situation and help you enforce a court order by using a variety of different methods.

What are the most common violations of court orders?

No one likes to pay out money, and if they can get away with it, they will “forget” or refuse to pay. Child support is absolutely essential to children, and severe sanctions are meted out to those who fail to pay. Spousal support is also necessary, particularly when an ex-spouse is poorly qualified to support him or herself.

Child custody is frequently contentious from the moment divorce is considered. Very specific custody and visitation orders are usually in place after divorce. When is the child sleeping at Dad’s house? When at Mom’s house? What holidays will the child be with either? What time do you get to pick up your child on Friday afternoon, and what time do you have to return on Sunday? A party in significant or repeated violation could face a contempt order.

Even more serious is a custodial parent moving away without court permission. This may make it inconvenient for the other parent to exercise visitation rights. Even if both parties agree to the move, it is invalid without court permission. Our office assists those whose co-parent is even in another state or country.

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Finally, property division orders must be respected. If you were supposed to get the piano and your ex is “playing” games, call us. Call a Washington child support lawyer at 425-462-2226 or contact our family law office online today.