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Depending on the circumstances in the marriage, spousal maintenance (sometimes referred to in other states as alimony) may or may not be appropriate. When it is, spousal support may be temporary or permanent and is modifiable absent an agreement to the contrary.

The law firm of Gilson-Moreau & Associates, P.S., has advised and represented clients in matters pertaining to divorce and spousal support for over 20 years. Our Washington spousal support attorneys understand the law as it applies to spousal support and the factors the Court must consider when it decides such matters.

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Spousal Support and the Law

In Washington State, the court must consider a number of factors in awarding spousal support including but not limited to: the length of the marriage, the need of one spouse for maintenance, and the ability of the other spouse to pay support. The courts in Washington have divided marriages into three categories:

Short-term Marriages (lasting up to 5 years) — The goal of the law in this situation is to put the parties in the position where they were before the marriage. In most cases, this probably means no support. However, provisions may be made for moving and other expenses. Transitional or short-term maintenance may be appropriate depending on the circumstances and whether there are children.

Mid-term Marriages (lasting 5 – 25 years) — Although it is not mandatory, spousal support is often used as an equalizing tool, a method of obtaining a just and fair outcome. Spousal support may be combined with an award of marital property to obtain that result. If there are children, child support is also a factor.

Long-term Marriages (lasting longer than 25 years) — If there is a disparity in incomes between the spouses, spousal support is likely to be permanent in a long-term marriage, and could include retirement and health benefits.

In all of these situations, outcomes may be possible which allow for no spousal support, a combination of spousal support and a property settlement, or a pure division of property. Gilson-Moreau & Associates, P.S. has successfully negotiated numerous outcomes such as these, and will seek to obtain the best outcome for you. She would be happy to discuss your particular circumstances and whether you may be eligible to receive alimony from you spouse, or whether you may be ordered to pay alimony to your spouse, after the divorce.

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