Mediation and Arbitration

Washington Mediation Attorneys

Mediation is a win-win situation. Both Snohomish and King counties require that family law parties attempt to resolve their issues through alternative dispute resolution before filing litigation in court. Their court dockets are overburdened.

The court system wins, but more importantly, the parties benefit, in many ways:

  • Mediation is quicker than litigation.
  • Mediation is significantly less costly than litigation.
  • You have a greater say in the outcome than in litigation.

Unlike arbitration, where an independent arbitrator makes the decisions on child custody, property division, and other issues, in mediation, a trained mediator helps you and your spouse come to an agreement on all issues. The experience and knowledge of our talented Washington mediation lawyers will provide a realistic perspective.

Benefits of Mediating Your Family Law Dispute

The advantages of mediation cannot be understated. You and another parent will work together to come to an agreed upon an arrangement that is in both of your best interests. Rather than letting the court system determine the details of your divorce, custody battle, or child support and alimony, you will be able to provide your input and develop creative solutions for your family law matters.

Once you and another individual have children together, you will always have to deal with them to some degree in the future. Yes, it is possible to avoid the anger and conflict common in divorce, and we can help.

Our offices are very comfortable and convenient. If you prefer, an alternate, neutral location is an option. Unlike a courtroom, there is no need for a judge in a black robe literally looking down on you, or flags or formality.

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