Washington Step-Parent Adoption Lawyers

An increasing number of step-parents in Washington State are seeking to adopt their spouse’s child or children. Step-parent adoptions can be routine or pose significant legal challenges. At the law firm of Gilson-Moreau & Associates, P.S., we have accomplished many step-parent adoptions on behalf of persons wishing to share legal rights and responsibility for the children in their household.

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The Step-Parent Adoption Process

When one parent is willing to give up his or her parental rights and allow the adoption of a child, then the step-parent adoption process is relatively simple. In such cases, Gilson-Moreau & Associates, P.S., can accomplish the adoption in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost.

The process includes the appointment of a social worker who will create a report for the court. The social worker conducts a background check on the proposed step-parent, including a criminal records check. A home visit is also part of the investigation process. In most cases, the report is positive, after which the Court will permit the legal adoption of the child. The firm of Gilson-Moreau & Associates, P.S. can advise the step-parent, and guide the adoption petition through the legal process.

Compassionate and Knowledgeable Legal Advice

While a step-parent adoption is a joyful event for the new parent, in some cases the parent relinquishing parental rights can experience feelings of loss. As a family law attorney for over 20 years, Gilson-Moreau & Associates, P.S., understands the emotions that occur in family law situations such as these. Our firm approaches the step-parent adoption process with compassion and sensitivity while working to accomplish the adoption in a timely and efficient manner.

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